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June 20, 2024

City Council Agenda Item To Build Pickleball Facilities

Pickleball El Paso organized a trip to City Council to advocate for a facility in April, 2023

Awesome! Mark your calendars for July 2, at City Hall, 300 N. Campbell. We will not know what time until Thursday, June 27, when the agenda is published, because this is not a Call to the Public, which is what we have done in the past. At Call to the Public people are allowed to speak on any topic for three minutes, and Council listens but cannot respond. That is what we did last year, and it paved the path to where we are now. This time pickleball facilities is an agenda item - "A little less talk and a lot more action" as the song goes. They will discuss pickleball facilities and take some action.

If we want them to take a favorable action we need a BIG turnout! Last year we had 35 pickleballers come and Council was impressed. Can we get more this year? Some players work, some will be out-of-town for July 4, some of the original group have moved... Come! We need you. (We were not able to round everybody up at the time of the picture - this signup sheet was our whole team - very exciting!)

PLEASE - wear your club shirt - it makes us look like a large cohesive group. Don't have one? Wear blue or I will lend you one of my mediums. Thank you Albert Lanza for the suggestion that we bring some of our youngest players - City Council likes kids.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Some results from the New Mexico Senior Games:

Congratulations Bonnie Little and Paula Kesner

Silver Medalists Bob (?) and Lynda Robbins

Reyna Montano (left) and Sandy McDermott (right) giving a free lesson to new players

Meanwhile, over at Chamizal Reyna Montano and Sandy McDermott are giving lessons to more brand new players. Go team!

Could a Sun Bowl Pickleball Tournament Be on the Horizon?

Your Pickleball Association is collaborating with the Sun Bowl on an exciting event, tentatively scheduled for next spring. Details will be provided as they become available.

The Beast Phase II To Include Six Dedicated Pickleball Courts!

Our two years of advocacy is paying off.

The final public input meeting for the plans for the Beast will be Thursday, June 27, 6PM at 13501 Jason Crandall.

Neighborhood Association Forming for Mary Frances Keisling Park Area

A group from our pickleball community is forming a neighborhood association so that they can have a say in what happens with the development of the park, located at 651 Gomez Rd near Upper Valley Dr. . The boundaries of the neighborhood association are Artcraft to Country Club Road, and the river to Westside Drive. If you live in that area and would like to join the association (no charge) please email the club at . This is NOT an HOA that can impose rules and charges fees. It is an organized group of neighbors.

Remodeled Gym Opens On Viscount

Michelle Adjemian Rec Center has two pickleball courts and is currently offering Wednesday afternoons. Check it out! 9031 Viscount

Veteran's Rec Center Scheduled to Open In August

Yay! What more could be said? We will let everyone know when the dedication ceremony is. Have you noticed how many parties we have been too in the last year? Pat O'Rourke, Grandview ... Thank you City of El Paso.

Play happy!

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso

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