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City Council to Vote on Building PB Courts

The Beast Phase II Public Input Meeting

There were 21 pickleballers at the Beast Public Input meeting on June 27, 4 handball advocates, 1 dog park person and a smattering of others. Does it make a difference? You bet it does! We will be at City Council in four days trying to persuade them to vote in favor of an agenda item to build courts, and in the center of this picture is City Council Representative Isabel Salcido (far east).

Showing up makes a difference.

Beast Phase II Public Input Meeting Jun 27, 2024

City Council

There is an item on the agenda on July 2 to build pickleball courts in El Paso. Please come to City Hall, 300 N. Campbell, on Tuesday, July 2. The meeting starts at 9:00 with opening invocation, pledge, proclamations, minutes, etc. Arriving between 9:15 and 9:30 should be safe. Allow time to find a parking space and walk a few blocks if necessary. We cannot predict what time our agenda item to build courts will come up. Council will sometimes move an item to the top of the list, after opening stuff if there are a lot of people in chamber for an item, and this is what we are trying to arrange. That way we won't have to wait around all day to see when our agenda item comes. Wear your club shirt or a brightly colored blue shirt - it makes us look like the large community that we are.

And be SURE to hang around for a group picture (quietly in the foyer, as the Council meeting will be in progress). Sign the signup sheet.

... back to the Beast

Speaking of The Beast Phase II plans ... there were six courts on the plan on June 27. We asked that it be changed to 8 courts, which is a threshold for holding events. Big difference - sort of like having a regulation size swimming pool for competitions, or not. Time will tell if we get the upgrade. On the right is County Commissioner Jackie (still trying to find her last name). Thank you to everyone who came!

Play happy ...

Play on dedicated courts.

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso Association

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