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Galatzan Roof, YMCA Pickleball Hours

February 10, 2024

People come from all over town to play at Galatzan. This gym gives us the greatest number of pickleball hours and access every day they are open!

Unfortunately the rain brings the "perfect storm." The outdoor players come inside, where there is already a two-to-three rotation wait, and then ... the roof leaks, shutting down anywhere from one court to all three courts.


How long has this been going on? At least since the post-covid reopening in 2021.

Why can't this be repaired as a standard repair order? The scope is too big.

It was suggested that a lively email campaign from our pickleball community might spur the City to action.

And it did! I called the City on Tuesday and was told a Purchase Order was being written, and that we will be notified when it is done. I was also told that funding is available - yea! - and that flyers would be posted announcing the status for the benefit of all of the gyms users.

A huge shout out to member Sue Collins for launching the email campaign, along with sister Patty Morrow. We are stronger as a group, and members give us our voice.

Change of hours at San Juan Rec and Armijo Rec

San Juan is a cool, older gym near Bassett Center. Omar offered us Wednesday evenings, but Grandview offered the same time slot, so San Juan will now have pickleball from 12:00 - 3:00 on Wednesdays. Armijo, located in the downtown area, switched us from T Th to MWF, also 12:00PM - 3:00PM.

YMCA to offer pickleball at three locations

Look at the hours the Y is setting up a pickleball net. YMCA members play free, non-members can purchase a day pass to the entire facility for $10, and that entitles you to two hours of pickleball play time - continued play allowed if no one is waiting. Reservation required. With some health plans, the Silver Sneakers program pays for a Y membership.

Last call for t-shirts and entries

Pre-order your t-shirt before midnight Saturday, February 10 in order to get the size you want. There will a very limited number of extra shirts ordered.

For the tournament, the Advanced Coed event is sold out. As of this writing there is one spot left in the Women's Intermediate Doubles and a couple left in the Men's Intermediate. Sign up today - club members email to get the coupon code for $10 off registration (enter on the upper right, second screen). Lunch will be provided to players and fun will be had. Grandview is a beautiful park. Bring your chair. Play, watch, and do the "shake and howdy" with old friends and new.

Play happy,

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso

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