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Ascarate Rules, Events and Look Who Came to Play!

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

November 10, 2023

Court Usage and Paddle Rack Rules Posted at Ascarate

As this sport grows there are more people at Ascarate who are new to pickleball. They sometimes come with a group of four and stay on the court for over an hour,

like one would in tennis. This is just one example of "not rotating." Members have been asking for the authority of posted rules to which everyone can refer. Now we have them.

Ben Avalos and I met with Veronica Myers and Tim Fulton from El Paso County Parks and Rec in late February of this year to develop rules for using the pickleball courts. Pickleball El Paso does NOT have full authority to dictate the rules. We were allowed to provide input, but the County has its own guiding principles and they are "democratic" - every person has equal access to the courts and is entitled to one game, after which they must exit the court and put their paddles back in line.

No clinics or lessons are allowed unless a permit has been obtained from the office. When a permit is granted it will be posted on an A-frame stand at the courts.

City Council Representative Molinar Attends Pickleball Clinic

Northeast City Council Representative Joe Molinar and two of his staff give pickleball a try at the November 4 clinic at Nolan Richardson. Loving the support!

Ben Avalos, PEPA VP and instructor (left) with Joe Molinar and staff

Pavo Real Wants You!

Jessica (Director) said that traffic on Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM has been very slow. Thursday evenings is working for players.

If we do not want to lose those Monday and Wednesday time slots, we need to use them. Talk to your friends - pay Jessica a visit.


Nolan Richardson Recreation center is having open Pickleball every Wednesday evening during the month of November from 5:30 pm to 8 pm. Also look for news on a possible Thanksgiving food drive / Pickleball play day tentatively set for Friday, November 17, from 9 AM to 1 PM. More info to come with flyer once this date and times are set in stone.

Galatzan is planning a "Skills Competition": participants will try to hit serves into the back corner of service boxes, marked with Hula Hoops, and try to sink baskets with pickleballs, among other challenges.

Wednesday, December 6 is tentatively scheduled as a pickleball day, with skills challenges in the late morning, then perhaps a single elimination play competition, followed by another skills challenge in the late afternoon to evening, for our working players. This is the preliminary flyer. Signup will be limited so watch for more information specifying times.

San Juan Rec is discussing a Toy Drive tournament, tentatively scheduled for 5:00 PM- 8:00 PM on Friday December 8 or 15. I will send the poster when it becomes available - working players, this is one you can do!

Thank you Las Cruces!

Our Event Coordinator Sandy McDermott, always looking out for our troops, contacted Cece Hunter in Las Cruces to see if they would be willing to help with equipment. Thank you Cece for coordinating the Las Cruces contribution of 11 paddles for our deployed soldiers!

Play happy,

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso

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