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City Council: Be Seen, Be Heard

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

March 29, 2023

Our last approach to City Council was last summer: Ben and Terry Avalos, and me. It is time.

Tuesday, April 11, City Council Call to the Public will start at noon. Please be there by 11:30, at 300 N. Campbell. WE NEED butts in seats. WEAR YOUR CLUB SHIRT so they see us. If you do not have one, please wear light blue (club shirts are sapphire blue). This identifies us as a group and makes a statement. Some people will be at work, some are out-of-town, so we need everyone who can be there, to be there.

Chamizal Paddle Stacks on a Tuesday Morning

At this time there are four people who are planning to speak. If you want to register to speak, here is the link. Our organization name is Pickleball El Paso or you can represent yourself. They have an Elmo projector, and if you have any questions text or call me, or email (I don't want to publish my phone number on the web).

We are having struggles all over town. Our Galatzan Community Center Supervisor Jessica Jones is being reassigned to Pavo Real, near Ysleta High School. She has been so supportive the past two years and will be sorely missed! We will have to see how our new Supervisor works with us.

Volleyball MWF 9-12:00 March 27, 2023 at Chamizal

There was a change of Supervisor at Veteran's and it has been a little bumpy. We were asked to vacate the Aux gym a couple of times over Spring Break "in case kids want to use it." The Parks Department, in several ways, values saving empty courts over letting our people, who are there, play. Terry Avalos is going to speak about this situation.

And then there is Chamizal, the empty courts we have been asking to use for one year. This will be my topic. Thank you Reyna for the photo. There are many other topics but each speaker is limited to three minutes. Make your high school teachers proud and be a public speaker!

Please do not complain to me. If you want it changed be there April 11. Sit or speak, but be there. Be seen. Wear blue.

Play on,

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso

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