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You Want Dedicated Courts? Be Here Friday

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

These two tennis courts ...

... are in the same park as the Rec Center that will have its Grand Opening on Friday. The Parks and Recreation Department, along with members of City Council will be at this event. If we want these courts converted to dedicated, permanent pickleball courts, this is a great opportunity for our numbers to be seen and heard.

The indoor gym will have three multi-use pickleball courts. If we want MWF hours, instead of gym #10 giving us Tuesday and Thursday, we need big numbers at the grand opening - show them the size of our community, the demand for court time.


Friday Ascarate players - can you play at Grandview this Friday instead? Bring a net - I will bring mine. (Please come to the 10:00 indoor dedication first to be counted.)

Galatzan, Valle Bajo Friday players - come play at this new Wayne Thornton Rec Center. Nolan players, Marty Robbins, Haskins, Chamizal, The Beast, Pavo Real, Gary del Palacio, Carreon - let's arrive at 3134 Jefferson, near Alabama and McKelligon Canyon between 9:00 and 10:00 this Friday.

9:00 Tour

10:00 Ribbon Cutting followed by open play pickleball

Everybody please be in the gym by 10:00. Wear your club shirt if you have one. Bring your paddle. Bring your net if you want to play outside.

Do you remember the postcards everybody was signing this fall? Converting the Grandview tennis courts would be fast and cheap. They have very light tennis traffic. Also, the tennis players have 2 courts at Sunrise, a few miles to the north, and 5 courts at Memorial Park, a few miles to the south. Grandview has lights, parking, bathrooms and lots of surrounding shade structures and trees.

Let's be seen and heard.

See you Friday and as alwasy, play happy,

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso Association

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