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T-shirt Sale, Aaron Gifford Results, New Sponsor, City Council

Aaron Gifford Pictures Scattered Throughout The Newsletter

W 3.5 62+ Patty Morrow & Lia Shelton Gold; Ann Yust & Linda Robbins, Silver; May Courtion & Laura Sollars, Bronze

The Aaron Gifford sanctioned tournament was held at New Mexico State University, in Las Cruces, on April 27 - 28. Here are just some of the results. For full results go to

W 3.5 13 - 49: Maddie Elsey and Hannah Betts, Gold

W 3.5 50 - 61: Paula Kesner & Bonnie Little, Gold; Virginia Hernandez & Xanthe Phillips, Silver; Jamee Nelson & Kathleen Guitar, Bronze

Other results:

M 4.5 13-49: Marc Aguirre and Milo Molina, Bronze

W 3.0 60-52: Diane Medina and Isabell Carrillo, Bronze

MX 3.0 65-69: Diane and Ervin Medina, Gold

MX 3.5 50-54: Ben Chen & Santa Gamez, Gold; Paula Kesner & John Wooten, Silver

MX: 3.5 60-64: Isabelle & Albert Carrillo, Gold;

MX 3.5 55-59: Lia Shelton & Frankie Lopez, Gold; Elizabeth Malone & Tony Olivas , Bronze

MX 4.0 - 4.5 13-49: Abby & Carlos Guardado, Bronze

T-shirt Sale and City Council

T-shirt orders, unisex 50/50 cotton/poly blend crew neck and women's dry-fit, are being taken from now until May 11, so that we can get them before the City Council trip (see below) - we want to be seen and heard. You can order on-line or pay cash to Sue Collins.

Parks and Recreation is preparing a City Council agenda item for a pickleball facility. It is expected to be scheduled for late May or early June. We will let everyone know and I will bring a roll of quarters for parking meters. Let's do this -

M 4.0 55+ Keith Koether and Ben Chen Gold

Miscellaneous News:

Raul reports that the tennis/pickleball courts at Sunrise Park in Northeast are being resurfaced.

See our homepage for a Cinco de Mayo event at Rio Grande Valley RV Park in Canutillo.


Say hello to Dr. Dale Reynolds, a local plastic surgeon and Medical Director for Prime IV Infusion, a health and wellness service. He has a new center at Canyons at Cimarron (west side), with the Grand Opening Scheduled for June 1 or 8. The address and QR code are on the flyer. He will be supporting Pickleball El Paso through a monthly donation. Thank you Dr. Reynolds!

M 3.5 65-70: William Lucy & Gaylord Rich, Gold; Albert Carrillo & Ervin Medina, Silver; Mark McDowell & Leslie Bell, Bronze

M 3.5 50-56 John Wooten and Jay Koester, Gold

If You Come, They Will Build It

That is what a former City Council Rep told me in describing how the swimmers got the westside Natatorium. A big "Thank YOU!" to the nine souls who gave up a night in pajamas in front of the TV to attend Rep Kennedy's westside community meeting, District 1. He was asked if he would be running for Mayor, and he said he would decide by July 4.

There were about 20 people in attendance with varying requests. One guy asked about the status of Mary Frances Keisling Park (MFK). This is what I got from Kennedy's office two months ago:

There are no approved funds for the implementation of the master plan.  Improvements will be made in the future as future funding becomes available or through a bond proposition.


On a more hopeful note, Kennedy praised the Parks Department and said the goal is to get more input in the design phase from end-users; an architect's "beautiful windows" are a pickleball player's glare nightmare.

Takeaway: We are not the only ones asking for MFK, and we will not stop asking. I showed him the 4 inch stack of postcards of voters in his district who want a pickleball facility. (In the summer of 2022, a Master Plan was developed for Mary Frances Keisling Park at Upper Valley Road and Gomez Dr. The plans include a library, senior center, dog park, multi-use field AND ... 8 dedicated pickleball courts.)

Attending meetings takes dedication. But getting a pickleball facility is a marathon, not a sprint. And we are making progress. So thank you to Jim R, Helen, Franklin, Patty, Kelly, Jim M and Sue (not pictured) for speaking up for the westside pickleball community.

Play happy,

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso Association

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