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Sign Up For PEPA's First Scramble!

October 7, 2022

Our very first club sponsored scramble will be a coordinated event with Do As We Do, a non-profit that supports family caregivers. Our club's challenge has been to find a facility that will allow us to fundraise, since we cannot on city property, and Caprock Apartments has solved that problem for us! They have a beautiful, pristine, newly resurfaced tennis court that we are going to line for four pickleball courts. It is nestled in the heart of their complex on Caprock Street (west side near Mesa and Shadow Mountain).

So sign up on our website! Saturday, November 5 (an event for working players too - yay!) Format is double blind scramble: new partner, new opponent each round. Registration is $25 and is limited to 16 players for each of the two times (8:30 and 10:00). Four rounds are scheduled, and Do As We Do has arranged for some nice prizes, in addition to a t-shirt or canvas bag for each entrant.

I am giving our club members the first shot at this event - I will wait a bit before posting on Facebook and GroupMe so go register! No refunds, so please be sure before you sign up.

WATCH THE TIMES!! There is an 8:30 and a 10:00 session.

Play on,

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso Association

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