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SAVE the Date, and 11 Months in Review

December, 2022

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Ascarate pickleball courts will be Thursday, December 8, 10:00 AM. Everybody is welcome and encouraged to attend. If you want to play, be there at 9:30.

PLEASE WEAR your club shirt if you have one!

That sea of blue makes a visual statement and the County Commissioners will be there. If you missed the pre-order I have two x-large cotton crew necks and two x-large women's dri fit v-necks in stock from the fall sale - send me an email at if you would like to buy one ($20).

The CLUB GOT THESE COURTS for El Paso, and we need to continue being seen.

The streets in the park are ONE WAY. Do NOT take the first right - that goes to the golf course. Take the second right off the traffic circle, turn left at the detour, and loop around the baseball field.

PEPA concludes its first year

As we approach the anniversary of enrolling our first members, and the first permanent nets have been set in El Paso, it is a good time to look back at what we have accomplished in just 11 months.

Where we have come from -

Take a moment to think back - where were you playing one year ago?

Paul Harvey resurfaced and painted for pb. Inaugural play date April 16, 2022

For me it was Sundays at Sunrise; that is all that there was for outdoor. Now I am on the courts at Ascarate, Chamizal and Paul Harvey. Do you use the multi-use lines at Del Palacio or Lomaland?

Or are you an indoor player? We lost the YMCA on Snow Road, but gained Sylvia Carreon, Valle Bajo, and Don Haskins, which finally received their new nets this week. Thank you Patty Morrow for bringing nets for the first two months.

I for one have not played in Las Cruces in two months. We have so many more options now in El Paso, thanks to the work done by our club.

Caprock Scramble results

Another achievement in these first very productive 11 months was holding or our first club event, the Do As We Do charity scramble at Caprock apartments. And as a lovely turn-around we had seven players come from New Mexico to play here in El Paso. Cool.

Congratulations to our winners:


1st Place: Jeff Harry

2nd Place: Hilda Espinosa

3rd Place: Terri (Okie) Wilson


1st Place: Ezekiel Kwong (Deming)

2nd Place: Troy Gutierrez (Las Cruces)

3rd Place: Louis Morrow

A big shout out to Do As We Do and Caprock for giving us this opportunity and for the lovely prizes.

We have moved mountains these first 11 months with facilities and events. But as they say in Lord of the Rings,

"The battle of Helms Deep is won. The battle for Middle Earth is just beginning."

Time for a break. Everyone enjoy your holidays and please don't forget -

Come to the ribbon cutting ceremony at Ascarate Thursday, December 8 (see top of this blog). And as always ... wear your shirt.

Still a beautiful sight ...

First permanent nets in EP - Ascarate

Play on,

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso Association

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