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President's Corner

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

March, 2022

City Bond Meetings

“This is how the swimmers got the Westside Natatorium – they had people show up to the meetings.”

March 22 is our last chance to promote pickleball inclusion in the bond that will go before voters in November. This meeting will be held at 6:00 Tuesday, March 22 at 4801 Osborne (Westside Regional Command). If we want a facility, we must show up in numbers! Come! Bring a friend. Complete their survey during the meeting (they will walk you through it) and write in the comment line, question 16, “build a pickleball facility.”

Field of Dreams has is backwards: If we come, they will build it.

If you cannot attend the meeting, please complete the survey and on the last freeform comment line write "build pickleball facility." For survey click the button:

First Referee Training Held and Pickleball Senior Games

On March 10, ahead of the Senior Games/Pickleball, our VP Ben Avalos held the first referee training class for city employees. The Games, originally scheduled to be held at Gary del Palacio, was moved to a larger facility, Chamizal, due to the high number of entries – 54 players. Our members are growing – we need a facility.

Membership Grows!

PEPA has reached 88 paid memberships, representing 107 players! Get your friends to sign up – numbers give us clout. Membership is $15 and covers the 2022 year. The dues cover operating expenses, such as corporate filing fees and the website.

Deadline for Las Cruces Aaron Gifford Tournament Approaches

This sanctioned tournament has events separated by age and level, and the deadline to enter is March 29. There will also be two social events for players, one at Picacho Hills Country Club Friday, April 1, and another on Saturday at Pecan Grill. Please RSVP CeCe by 3/28/22 so I can let the restaurants know so they can provide adequate staff:


Facilities Update

We are short of courts all over town, but on the westside there is a downright vacuum. From Canutillo to Chamizal, a 17 mile sojourn on I-10, there are only 3 public courts, available limited hours MWF. Three.

PEPA has been trying to get two tennis courts at Paul Harvey Park (DeLeon street) resurfaced since October. We have struggled to get specific information, but a big shout out to Representative Pete Svarzbein’s office (thank you Luz!) for finding out for us that the resurface is being considered for next year’s budget:

“Paul Harvey Park is not part of the current year funding list. Although, it is being reviewed for the FY23 Budget – Sport Court Request.”

As your pickleball club, we will continue to pursue this request.

Play on,

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso Association

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