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Pickleball Goes to City Council - Round One

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

July 6, 2022

A Huge Shout-out to Terry and Ben Avalos!

Terry, Ben and I presented to City Council for Round One of pitching our sport. I started with announcing that 61 people asked for a facility on the bond survey, following with the difference between a dedicated vs multi-use court, and why we must have 8 courts or more together - not more 2 - 3 courts scattered around the city.

Ben Avalos, Mayor Oscar Leeser, Terry Avalos

Ben embellished with the growth of the sport and tournaments across the country, and listing other nearby cities that have dedicated facilities, including Las Cruces and Ruidoso. He spoke of our Pickleball for the Military event, and having to beg the tennis players to let us have the courts at Sunrise.

Terry brought it home with the value of physical exercise, especially for those in wheelchairs. She shared tales of traveling to other cities with dedicated facilities compared to having to decipher multi-colored lines here in El Paso.

There will not be a specific pickleball item in the November bond package, BUT we were told there are other sources of funding, and that we should absolutely attend the Mary Frances Keisling tabling event this Saturday at the park (see below). (There is a bond item called "Mary Frances Keisling Phase I - is that something we could use?)

The City asked us to supply cost and specification data for a dedicated facility - this is good. One Council Member, Representative Hernandez, District 3 said she had never heard of pickleball. That is what we must overcome. We got the wave of recognition from Reps Molinar and Svarzbein.

City Council Round Two - Bring the Team!

Our community will be going back to City Council in numbers on Tuesday, July 19. Please RSVP for the event - all you have to do is wear your shirt (if you have one), be there and be seen.

Don't make us come find you - we need butts in seats.

Mary Francis Keisling Park Tabling Event This Saturday - Go Promote!

This park is near Upper Valley Dr. and Gomez, so if you live in the valley, this opportunity is yours. Master Plans are being developed. I have told them we want permanent pickleball courts, BUT I am only one person - we need many more players to go tell them in person.

Mark your calendars for THIS Saturday, July 9, from 10:00 to 12:00 at Mary Francis Keisling.

Play on,

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso Association



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