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MFK Update, LC Tournament, Insta Account ...

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

August, 2022

Beautify El Paso ... Build Pickleball Courts

Two Master Plan Proposals Mary Francis Keisling Park ...

... and they both include eight dedicated pickleball courts! Yay!

You can write comments and vote your preference at

The primary difference is in traffic flow and location of parking lots: option two allows less traffic through the park and has the parking lot further away from the pickleball courts. The red dotted lines are walking pathways. Vote on-line for which one you prefer.

In my experience Chrome displayed the maps much better than Safari.

Survey deadline Wednesday, August 31!

MFK option 1

MFK option 2

Also! Memorial Park is being renovated, and that survey is available at the same website, so after you do Mary Frances feel free to speak up on Memorial.

New Club Instagram Account

Sonu has graciously volunteered to chronicle our exploits in Instagram. Go check it out by searching for Pickleball El Paso, and thank you Sonu!

Tournament Close to Home (Las Cruces), with designated ages and levels ...

If you have not played in a pickleball tournament before, they provide great opportunities to meet new players; I have a new contact in Albuquerque after the Aaron Gifford tournament, and she sets me up with matches when I travel through Albuquerque. This Las Cruces tournament is a good place to start (no over-night travel). You do have to register with USA Pickleball ($37 for the year). This tournament is double elimination and there is a social event in the planning stages for Thursday night.

Electronic Membership

New members should be able to register on-line within the next two weeks. Code is in testing.

Free Training for Match Starters

Laura Smart, certified USAPB Referee, will be hosting training for match starters, who perform several functions including determining who will serve first and confirming how much warm up time remains, vital to keeping the tournament running on time. Organ Mountains PB is looking for volunteers for their tournament starting October 21, and we will be hosting the Police Games in June, 2023, so this is a great opportunity to get more involved in pickleball. I will post training times and sign-ups as they become available.

Play on,

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso Association

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