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April 7, 2023

Gym time changes for the summer

We are a VERY large city geographically, and it takes a long time to talk to Rec Center supervisors and to listen to our players. Over the past week we have obtained important information about changes on the horizon.

With regard to Veteran's Rec Center (NE), they are required to hold Kid Camps from 9:00 - 2:00, and Club Rec for a different set of kids in the afternoon. This is going to squeeze ALL adult sports. Bonita (Supervisor) has given us, effective immediately, two courts, Wednesday nights from 6:00 - 7:45 PM at Veteran's, and this will continue through the kid activities that run June - mid July.

I just spoke with Haskins and they expect to know their summer schedule next week. Galatzan does not expect any changes. We will contact all gyms and get updates.

City Council visit Tuesday, April 11

Call to the Public
City Hall, 300 N. Campbell downtown ("Executive Center" does not mean the street)

So! How does this effect our presentation at City Council at Call to the Public on Tuesday? There is still the empty court time at Chamizal. More hours would help our east siders as Chamizal is centrally located.

Advice I have received from insiders (regarding Call to the Public): Go in with a disposition of asking for help with a problem, being cooperative, and trying to work together for the good of the city. Someone said to me, "We have been nice for a year and it has not gotten us anywhere."

But ...

Over the last year we only approached the gym management and program director. This year we have been to Parks and Rec Board twice, and now City Council. I see signs that we are being noticed, and perhaps making an impact.

What is our focus for Call to the Public?

Chamizal Paddle Stacks on a Tuesday Morning

1. We have a problem - not enough gym time.

2. We have a recommendation - let us use the empty court time at Chamizal. Why?

a. Our hours are off-peak, most people are at work or school.

b. Hey ... they are empty. We are not displacing anybody.

3. Question: Will we get court time when two new gyms, Grandview and Nolan Richardson, open?

My information is that we have about four or five people speaking - we are coordinating who will say what - email the club or me if you want to participate in that discussion. Having a large, visual presence in the audience is impactful, so come and be seen.

Details for those coming:

Tuesday, April 11, City Council Call to the Public will start at noon. Please be there by 11:30, at 300 N. Campbell. WE NEED butts in seats. WEAR YOUR CLUB SHIRT so they see us. If you do not have one, please wear light blue (club shirts are the color of our header on our home page). This identifies us as a group and makes a statement.

City Council Call to the Public
Paid Parking Lot Approximately 400 N. Campbell

There are parking meters on the streets and a pay parking lot in the 400 block of Campbell, that runs between Campbell and Kansas. Carpool if you can. I used to take the bus to avoid parking but I have too many stops to make on Tuesday. The Brio buses run from each part of town to downtown and are very fast.

If you want to register to speak, here is the link. They have an Elmo projector if you want to show a photo, and if you have any questions text or call me, or email (I don't want to publish my phone number on the web).

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