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County Survey and New Courts!

December 14, 2022

If you value recreation, support the county Parks and Recreation department by completing the County Strategic Plan survey. The results will not impact taxes. They want to know what their constituent priorities are. There are three priority ranking questions with 7 - 9 paragraphs to prioritize, which is time consuming BUT the handful of other questions are very quick demographic questions. For question 3, the third option "tourism" has parks in it.

DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 31, so please do it today, before the holidays sweep you away! Surveys and meetings are how we got to where we are today.

Second question asks if you live in El Paso County; City and County overlap, so if you live in the City, you also live in the County.

Click here for link or use the QR code.

Where is this newly resurfaced mystery tennis court? Will it have pickleball lines?

Do you recognize the location? Check out Crazy Cat Mountain in the background, the electric bike racks on the street - anybody know it? Answers are at the bottom of this newsletter.

December 14, 2022

Holiday Gym Closures

City gyms will be closed the Monday after Christmas and New Year's Day, and Don Haskins will also be closed on January 3.

Mary Frances Keisling update

At Pete Svarzbein's last community meeting he reported that Mary Frances Keisling project has been divided into four phases, with our courts in phase 3. Funding will probably be done through voter approved bonds, but he did not know if it will be one phase at-a-time. The next bond may not be offered for two years.

Pete mentioned a playscape that was funded through the community and built by the City - the residents raised $100,000 to get the park at the top of Thunderbird built. Ruidoso Pickleball is matching funds with the Village of Ruidoso to build the next four courts. Should we start raising funds to match with the City? Doing so would require a healthy number of volunteers.

Hopefully whoever replaces Pete will be an active representative and help us with this project.

Mystery court answer: Mission Hills Park at O'keefe and Stanton, to be lined tennis and 2 pickleball.

Play on,

Jamie Fisher

President, Pickleball El Paso Association

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